Our Story




“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful” 

– Sophia Loren


Skin care for me is not just about cleansers, lotions, moisturisers, anti-ageing products, face masks, serums and the ever evolving list of products that we can apply. It is also about a holistic approach to nourishing and maintaining good health, both internally and externally. Our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing are all connected.

You don’t need to hide your face behind make up to be beautiful. There are just so many choices in the skin care market right now. How do you choose one?

I’m so glad you asked... Let me answer this question for you. "Pick a product to make you feel loved and nurtured"

Choosing a skin care product can be confusing and overwhelming. You don’t need to spend a small fortune to get products that you love. You need to pick something that makes you feel pampered, clean, balanced and loved.

Each product is hand made by me with love and attention. When I am making a product, I am thinking about what feeling it creates. Each ingredient is thought about to make sure that there is an overall benefit from the use of the end product.

Ingredients such as avocado oil are a favourite to add to my formulas. It is very nourishing to the skin and is great for dry, sun damaged and mature skin. It is also known to have regenerative and rejuvenating properties. Allow your skin to glow with this amazing oil.


Are we founded by someone famous?

Nope – no one famous here. Just someone who loves skin care, beauty regimes, pampering and all the fun and good things that life has to offer.


So who am I and what inspired me to start Serenity and Rose?

As a busy mum to twin girls, I don’t have time for unnecessary tasks, so like you I need to find the best way to look after myself without compromise. I need quick and easy solutions to get me the best results.

Having trained as a beauty therapist, make up artist and a hairdresser, I also hold a Diploma in Natural Skin Care Formulation. I have also been furthering my education in Cosmetic Chemistry. This means that you can be assured that when I’m formulating, I am thinking about how I can get the best results from the products that I’m making. If I can benefit from such care and knowledge, then I’m sure you can too.

I decided to create Serenity and Rose as way of being able to merge all of this into an exceptional experience not just for your body, but also for your mind and your soul.